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Episode 517: Achieving the Power of 1


What can i do to get more from BNI?

We’re all in BNI because we know that networking works. More accurately, we know that the BNI brand of networking works. Unlike other networking events that can be costly exercises in time-wasting, the structure that BNI operates in is why it works, and it’s also what keeps us coming back.

Each individual member agrees, upon joining, to some specific responsibilities that form part of this superior networking structure. The best summation of those responsibilities is the ‘Power of One’ concept.

Members who’ve been involved in BNI for a while will be familiar with the ‘Power of One’ concept, and how it easily outlines the basic fundamentals for achieving the best return on your investment.

The power of one concept is…

  1. One Chapter Education Unit per week
  2. One Chapter meeting per week
  3. One 1-2-1 per week
  4. One Referral per week
  5. One Visitor per member per month

…and when followed, it gives members the best possible opportunities to build relationships with fellow members. Long lasting business relationships are then the key to increasing business passed within BNI.

One Chapter Education Unit (CEU) per week

CEU’s are accrued by participating in BNI education or training. They can come from listening to podcasts, reading prescribed material, or attending BNI endorsed training events. Knowledge is power, and the more you have, the more powerful your BNI membership will be.

One chapter meeting per week

Seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it? Because it is. The best way to form relationships in BNI is to be present at the weekly meeting. Not turning up says a great deal about your commitment to your fellow members and will affect your received referrals.

One 1-2-1 per week

When it comes to getting to know your fellow members well, the only thing that beats networking at the weekly meeting is networking with them outside the weekly meeting. An hour of one on one time with a fellow Chapter member is invaluable to building great business relationships.

One referral per week

We all know that Givers Gain® works. If I give business to the members of my Chapter, in return they will want to give business to me.” If you’re actively finding quality referrals for your network, they’ll actively seek them out for you.

One visitor per member per month

Visitors are the life-blood of your Chapter. Eligible visitors who attend your meetings can become members and increase your network. Those who are ineligible to join will often still purchase from the Chapter’s membership.

These are the basics of BNI. And to quote Dr. Ivan Misner directly… “If you do the basics and measure the basics, you are going to get the results.”

But the best part of the ‘Power of One’ concept is that it puts you firmly in the driver’s seat when it comes to your success in BNI. We are each personally responsible for meeting these basic minimum standards, and we have perfect control over our own performance. All we have to do is “tick the boxes” and enjoy the rewards.

So if you’re after more from your BNI membership, challenge yourself to meet the ‘Power of One’. You can measure your success easily by achieving 100 points on the member Traffic Lights. You only need to get 70 points to be in the green on the Member Traffic Lights, but you should also only expect 70% of the business you could receive if you were hitting that 100.


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